SunFlake's proprietary technology combines III-V semiconducting nanotechnology with standard silicon solar cells in a disruptive tandem solar cell with material costs similar to crystalline silicon solar cells, but with twice the conversion efficiency. SunFlake has more than doubled the previous world record efficiency measured on individual nanowires and now also holds the world record efficiency on any (i.e. including bulk) GaAsP/Si combination.

The nanostructures provide an ideal light trapping geometry. Less than 5% areal nanowire coverage absorbs more than 96% of incoming light, making a nanowire covered surface one of the darkest materials in the world.

SunFlake solar cells are hence ideally suited for energy harvesting.

The essential parameters all lie intrinsically in the SunFlake technology:

• High power output per area and weight

• High tolerance towards the incidence angle

• Low sensitivity towards spectral changes